A thank you and an update on the Macalester Athletics information disclosure policies

Last week I wrote an article describing my past struggles with an eating disorder. In the time since, I’ve been surprised by the amount of support I’ve received. Strangers and friends have shared their personal stories with me. An org leader offered to host an event to raise eating disorder awareness. Thank you. It means so much.

When I had an eating disorder, I used to bike for two hours each day to burn calories. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and go for five-mile walks down Snelling Avenue because I was too sad to sleep. I used to feel so hungry during class that I couldn’t pay attention. And I didn’t talk about these things because I didn’t want anyone to know about my disorder. But now I realize how silly that was because this campus is so loving.

It took nine months of suffering until I sought help. I met with Dr. Walters at the Health and Wellness Center and revealed my condition to friends. With their aid, I was able to eat normally again. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder—or anything else—I encourage you to reach out to the Macalester community. You will be supported.

In my article last week, I asked the Macalester Athletics department to remove individuals’ weights from men’s athletics online rosters. The department reviewed its student information disclosure policies on Thursday, Sept. 25. The department’s decision is forthcoming and will be published either on the Macalester Athletics website or through The Mac Weekly.