Of Business and Boardrooms: Meet the Board: Student Representative Sana Naz’16


Student Representative to the Campus Life Committee of the Board of Trustees Sana Naz’16. Photo courtesy of Sana Naz’16.

Student Representative to the Campus Life Committee of the Board of Trustees Sana Naz'16. Photo courtesy of Sana Naz'16.
Student Representative to the Campus Life Committee of the Board of Trustees Sana Naz’16. Photo courtesy of Sana Naz’16.

For the sake of formality, what is your major?

I am a biology major and a community and global health concentrator. I also have a media and cultural studies minor.

This is the first time you are serving on a Board committee, right? But we have seen you around given your involvement with Program Board—how did that start?

So I started working with PB my sophomore year, since I knew Suresh [Mudragada] through [Lives of Commitment] and he would talk about PB events. I began as Office Manager and got to work with every kind of coordinator, doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work and budget things—that was very exciting. I honestly really liked what I was doing, even when I was not organizing events. When you are in the PB office or at meetings, there is a kind of excitement and energy, a kind of energy I had seen at Orientation.

You’re mentioning LoC, which I know has also been a pretty big part of your time here at Macalester thus far. How did your experiences with LoC and PB compare?

LoC and PB … were spaces I could go to for different reasons. LoC was filled with intentional conversations and allowed me to know more about US culture, so I felt more accepted. I got the confidence to serve from being in LoC. [But] the best thing about PB: when people come to your event, there is a huge sense of awesomeness.

This might be tough given everything you have done here at Macalester, but can you think of one favorite event you have helped plan?

Definitely the collaboration between PB and MASECA [Macalester Association for Sub-Continental Ethnic and Cultural Awareness]—Holi. I felt like I could bring something from my culture to the Mac community. I might be biased because I am in MASECA as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people came. It was really, really fun.

I was actually hoping you would mention that event, since I remember Halfway to Holi before going abroad. Okay, so given all the activities and events on campus, how much do you have on your plate, and how much work events like that require—why do you do it at all?

[Laughs] Because I am myself a very stressed Macalester student. And I get it. Sometimes we only get 10 people [who attend an event]. Maybe seven people. But the seven people who come have probably been working all day and they want to see a free movie. I also have always just enjoyed event planning … Traditions are important in any community. And to me it’s also a challenge: every year changing a little bit to suit that particular audience.

So as PB chair, you sit on the Campus Life Board Committee as a Student Representative. Can you tell me more about this position?

I have never been in this sort of Board position before. And I genuinely don’t know what to expect from it, but I am very excited. I know from my role as PB chair and my effort to attend most PB events, I want students to know my face and know that I am accessible. I also spend so much time on the second floor of the Campus Center. You can probably find me there. Actually, you should feel free to come and talk to me at any point—or email me.