Opinion Roundup: convocation conversation


What did you think of the Convocation speaker, Daniel Gilbert?


“He was cool, but I think he was kind of culturally biased. This idea of marriage, he kind of took it for granted that everyone thinks of it in the same way. I’m from the Netherlands, and there many people are still together, just not married.” Anna Bruijn ’18


“I thought he was interesting… he had a new perspectice on things. Didn’t blow me away, but I liked it.” Tae Martin ’16


“I had mixed feelings about it. No strong feelings either way. I walked out still wanting to have children. Boom.” Liz Issac-Herzog ’16


“I thought he was gonna tell us more how to be happy… he just gave us some stats. I guess how to be happy was more the Dalai Lama’s job, he more just told us that we can [be happy]. ” Hayley Williams ’16