Andrews ’14 will speak at graduation

The Senior Speaker Selection Committee convened last Wednesday evening to select a finalist for this year’s commencement. After a two-week process, Lucy Andrews was chosen to address the graduating class of 2014.

Andrews, a Geology major, is also captain of the Women’s Track and Field Team and a programming assistant for both the Department of Multicultural Life on campus and the Lilly Project for Vocation and Ethical Leadership. Humbled to accept the honor, Andrews understands this as an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the hard work she has seen in her peers over the past four years.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be trusted with the task of honoring the class of 2014,” Andrews said. “My peers are certainly remarkable scholars, but more than that, they are some of the most graceful, open, and compassionate people I have yet met. I hope that the story I will offer at commencement serves as an appropriate tribute to the accomplishments and character of my class.”

The committee began with 14 invited nominees, then narrowed the search down from eight submissions to four finalists who presented brief speeches last Wednesday night. The committee made its final decision the same evening, after hearing all four presentations.

“It was difficult for us to select only one speech, given the thought and care evident in this year’s submissions,” said Director of Academic Programs Ann Minnick, who served as a member of the committee. “However, we are confident that Lucy’s remarks will inspire this year’s graduates.”

This year’s committee members included Minnick, Adrienne Christiansen, Laurie Hamre, Tonnis ter Veldhuis, Phoebe Marcus ’14 and Wayne Lee ’14.