LTBC: Tracing enjoyment of beer through math

LTBC: Tracing enjoyment of beer through math

“They don’t like the hoppiness, which, to me, speaks to their character.”

As LTBC has grown and changed (a reference to Taryn’s 7th grade science “Growing and Changing” unit, what could that have been about?), we have gotten lazier and lazier. The closer the bar, the more appealing it now is. Additionally, as our vault of beer knowledge is filling, we have gotten more opinionated and bougie about our beer. And so we spent last Monday at The Nook, located at the intersection of Randolph and Hamline, near Cretin-Derham. Our special guests were the beautiful, talented and intelligent Mattie Armstrong and Brittany Landorf. We originally had ambition to travel west of the Mississippi in search of food and drank, but homework and sleep deprivation got the better of us, so the local Nook it was.

Brittany is from the hallowed state of beer: Wisconsin. But oddly enough, she didn’t like beer until she learned to like cheese. A Wisconsonite who grew up not liking beer or cheese? Is she an alien? We asked her this question. She’s not. It turns out that it took a glorious trip to Cheese Days (not spelled CheezDayz as we initially assumed, although that might be better), one of the biggest festivals in the state of Wisconsin, to truly introduce her to beer. She then enjoyed several enlightening brewery tours with her beer-loving family members, and, in her words, traveled through the usual stages of “I don’t like it” to “I don’t know anything about it” to “now I’m a convert.” Britt has “been to four or five breweries and [is] at happy hour all the time.” What’s more, she “still loves cheese.” She also discussed an interesting mathematical relationship, one which Taryn has also observed in her own life: the more beer one drinks, the less wine one drinks. After Britt embraced her Wisconsin roots by loving beer, she now explains, “I don’t like wine. It’s not about wine.” Word. After some hard work, LTBC has isolated the newly-dubbed “Landorf-Valley Beer Coefficient,” below:


Mattie also had a slow start with beer but hasn’t come as far (Landorf-Valley Beer Coefficient = 7.24). She currently only likes two beers: the Fulton Lonely Blonde and the Lift Bridge Farm Girl. What does that say about her? Could those be her spirit beers? She is blonde, but we can’t speak to her loneliness or farm abilities. Lucy and Taryn returned to their roots because the selection at the Nook is limited. Fortunately, there are enough good choices, and really you only need to drink one beer, we have slowly learned. Taryn had her stellar fallback, that Lagunitas IPA. Not a Furious or a Let it Ride, but hoppy enough for Taryn’s pseudo (actual, though) addiction to hoppiness. Lucy enjoyed an Indeed Daytripper, and has officially declared, after essentially no deliberation, that Indeed is her favorite brewery. When in doubt, order Indeed. Indeed!