Rick Beckel for MCSG President

Over the past four years, I have had the pleasure of working with countless student leaders on and off campus and have been inspired by the insatiable desire of students to make this campus a better place for everyone. As I reflect on the upcoming MCSG Presidential Elections, I consider Rick Beckel the candidate most qualified and committed to inclusively and collaboratively moving student interests forward.

I first met Rick during my sophomore year and have worked closely with him through Mac Dems. In the fall of 2012, he assumed the role of Obama for America liaison and my fellow co-chair of the organization. From the kickoff event with Jill Biden to knocking on over 10,000 doors during Get Out the Vote, I know our efforts would not have been nearly as successful without Rick’s leadership, passion, and dedication.

Since the 2012 elections, Rick has emerged as an inclusive and transparent leader. Through Fossil Free Mac, Rick has promoted ownership of the divestment campaign among members by dividing tasks and has encouraged constant dialogue to ensure a welcoming and inclusive space. Every semester Rick has surveyed members to check in about their priorities and concerns, demonstrating not only a dedication to the campaign but also a commitment to building community and investing in members.

With plenty of great options for MCSG President, it is no doubt difficult to make a decision, but I hope you consider Rick. He may not have previously served on MCSG, but I consider this to be a strength. After spending two years complaining about student government, I first ran for an MCSG position out of a desire to actually do something to improve it—a drive I see in Rick. As someone who was once an “outsider,” I firmly believe MCSG needs a leader with a fresh perspective. Experience does not make you the best candidate; instead, an effective presidency demands dedication, passion, and a commitment to making Mac a better place.

While he may be deep in the heart of the Amazon this week, Rick would encourage you to not only exercise your right to vote this weekend but to also “Checkel Beckel” as your first choice for MCSG President.