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Style File: Shannon Mahedy ’17

After an extensive photoshoot in the Janet Wallace Fine Arts center, The Mac Weekly sat down with Shannon Mahedy to talk style.

TMW: How would you describe your style?

SM: Currently I would say I’m into texture. I really like graphic design, animal prints but not cheesey prints (laughs) and velvet. Recently, I’ve been trying out some funkier pieces to spice up my winter wardrobe.


What drew you to these clothes in the first outfit when you were shopping?

Even though the tops aren’t too interesting, I like having a few basic black pieces. The skirt is a statement piece. I love the pencil skirt style with graphic design, which is different than the normal businesslike tan colors you usually see. It’s sophisticated, but fun. A whole black outfit would be too serious.

Where do you wear this outfit?

The first time I wore this outfit I was in New York City. Now, I think I’d like to wear it to a nice restaurant.


Tell me about outfit two.

Oh, this is one of my favorite outfits! I just love it! I love how the pants are a statement.

Where would you wear this?

New York City!

What do you mean by a statement?

The pants stand out, it’s what people’s eyes are drawn to, which is kind of a rare thing for pants. I think this pair looks great with a solid top.


Tell me a little bit about your third outfit. Where would you wear this to?

I’d probably wear this to the museum. I like the statement of the necklace, a little thing I got from my hometown in New Jersey, and how the color contrasts with the shirt.

So, where do you like to shop for all of these fabulous outfits?

Most of my clothes are from Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. People are always surprised because most think Forever 21 is pretty tacky, but if you look really hard you can find some good stuff. Thrift stores are also a go to place.


Very cool. And what about the fourth outfit?

I love royal blue here. One of my friends bought it for my birthday two years ago. She’s now at the Fashion Institute of Technology! Yet again I’m layering a sweater over a dress, which seems to be my go to thing. I’d also say it’s my most casual outfit.

Do you have a thing for wolves specifically?

Yeah (laughs) I really like wolves!

How did you become interested in them?

I read Call of the Wild by Jack London. They’re intense, fierce, majestic…


Can you tell me a little bit about the fifth outfit?

I love this one! I love to pair love sleeved crop sweaters over dresses. I’m really into layering right now. I love the fringes on the shirt. (Laughs) I love bohemian 70s vibe. Love florals.

Would you wear this to class?

Yeah! I like to overdress. In high school I’d always wear these crazy outfits and everyone would ask why I don’t just wear sweatpants. But I just like these styles for myself. By the way, the dress is from Scotland and shirt from Forever 21.

Can you tell me about your thought process in picking out clothes day to day?

(Laughs) It’s kind of complicated. I think jeans and sweaters are boring, so if I’m wearing that I’ll put on an interesting necklace or earring or do my hair cool to spice it up. If I’m in a bad mood, I dress up even more because I feel like it increases your confidence and makes you walk in a different way. In the winter it’s easy to slack off with clothes, but I try to keep my style up even in this Minnesotan weather

What do you think about matching?

I like to match, but not too much. (Laughs) One time in 9th grade I wore a purple shirt and purple jeans.

What inspired that?

(Laughs) Well I thought it looked good. It was in the beginning of high school. I guess I didn’t have the best style back then!

How does makeup play into your style?

Certain outfits are complemented by lipstick. With tan and black clothes, lipstick can add a pop of color.

What if you’re wearing a really bright outfit?

I’d downplay the eyes and wear a neutral lip color, so it’s not over dramatic.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

…No I don’t think so. I think my interest slowly evolved in high school. I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from my little sister who’s very fashionable. I think traveling to different cities has also inspired me, seeing how different people put outfits together.

Do you feel like you’re critical about how you dress?

I just like to look put together, but I wouldn’t say I can’t ever dress down.

So do you ever wear sweatpants?

To bed….

What would be your fashion advice to people?

You don’t have to have one cohesive style, you know like sporty, girly, serious. I think everyone has a complex personality, so just pick out clothes that you like and go with your gut.

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    Sean FergusonSep 9, 2019 at 5:28 pm

    What a funny blog! I really loved watching this comic video with my family unit as well as along with my friends.