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Thanksgiving Jams

Is Thanksgiving the best holiday? I will answer your question with a question: Is pie the best food? If you are still not sure of the answer, move on—there is no space for you in this column. This area is for those who know that what makes a holiday is not the company or the sentiment, but the food. Christmas has its ham and Halloween has its candy, but nothing comes close to the comfort food-piled plate that is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving makes me love foods I hate on any other day of the year. Sweet potatoes cover in sickly sweet marshmallows? Yes, please. Gravy made from turkey innards? Yum! Cranberry sauce? Smear it on everything. So, why, Thanksgiving God, why aren’t there more odes to this inspiring, food-coma-inducing holiday? Who knows. But I went ahead and rustled up the few I could find to soundtrack your feasting and sleeping. Put this playlist on repeat and let the tryptophan flow.

“Pecan Pie” by Golden Smog:

Equates pecan pie with sex, which I think actually does pecan pie quite a disservice.

“Thankful” by Kelly Clarkson:

A soulful track from KC’s first album, for which I paid real money.

“The Turkey Song” by Adam Sandler:

Not quite as nuanced as his seminal “Hannukah Song,” but still a much needed ode to a mostly ode-less holiday.

“Linda’s Thanksgiving Song” from “Bob’s Burgers:”

Hilarious and strange, just like the show from which it hails. At once celebrates the killing of a turkey and how thankful Linda is for the love of her family.

“Linda’s Thanksgiving Song” from “Bob’s Burgers,” covered by The National:

The only thing funnier than the goofy sincerity of the original is the depressing and satirical sincerity of this cover.

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