WMCN// Long Songs

Life moves fast! Or so I’m told by anyone older than myself. Apparently, in 2013 everything is a little speedier and a little more hurried than it was in the good old days (Tell that to my barista. I ordered that latte 15 minutes ago!). We get what we want at the click of a mouse and we have no attention span for anything over 16 seconds or 140 characters, or something.

But if the world around me is quickening, I must not have adjusted. I move as glacially as ever. Whether struggling to wake up in the morning or trying to write a paper in Spanish or picking the perfect filter for my latest Instagram post (#mayfair) or, um, attempting to jog, I take my time. Maybe a fire under my belly or a little Twitter-esque urgency would help me be a more productive person with, say, a completed capstone proposal, but I enjoy my slow—no, my patient lifestyle.

If you’re reading this hot off the press, WMCN will be in the final few hours of its second annual 24-Hour Broadcast. In honor of this absurd, lengthy event, my own leisurely pace, and everything that takes more time than making a latte (which apparently takes a very long time!), here’s a list of long songs I love.


1. Marquee Moon – Television

I’ve loved this band since Daniel Berman talked about them in D’var Torah portion of his Bar Mitzvah service. It was something to do with under appreciation. Clearly it resonated.

2. Pyramids – Frank Ocean

Which is better, the slow part or the fast part??

3. Too Long – Daft Punk

Ha. Clever. I get it.

4. The Trapeze Swinger – Iron & Wine

Sit yourself in a field and get to crying. Alright, nine minutes left, keep those tears flowing.

5. Cygnet Committee – David Bowie

A bold and bad-ass release from Bowie’s first album as Bowie.

6. Alice’s Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie

I like any song that begins with the artist telling us what the song is called and explaining why the song is called what it is called.