Preview//Ira Glass’s New Project

Preview//Ira Glasss New Project


Ira Glass, public radio icon and host of NPR’s “This American Life,” will be coming to the State Theatre in Minneapolis this Sunday, Nov. 10. He will be performing his unconventional dance/radio show “One Radio Host, Two Dancers.”

The performance was born from TAL’s live show, a combination of visual performance and traditional radio storytelling which was broadcast in movie theaters last year. The dancers in Sunday’s show, Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass, are the directors of the live show’s dance company. In a post on This American Life’s blog, Ira described the pair as “incredible dancers.”

In the same post, Glass acknowledges the apparent disconnect between the two genres. “Dance is all visuals, no talking,” he writes. “Radio’s all talking, no visuals.” But the two can evidently combine well. An edited, ten-minute version of the piece was performed at Carnegie Hall last year, and extended versions in Philadelphia, to positive reviews.

Minneapolis will have the chance to see for itself on Sunday when Glass, Barnes and Bass bring their unusual mix of media to the city, presented by Hennepin Theatre Trust and MPR.