Campus Center to host Halloween party, organized by Loch Committee

Campus Center & Conferences will be holding a Halloween party in the Campus Center from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on Halloween night. There will be free food, a photo booth, dancing in the South Side of Café Mac, a haunted house in the Loch and a costume party.

The haunted house and party are completely funded and organized by the Loch Committee. Committee members include students and staff members.

A member of the committee, Isaac Mathison-Bowie ’15, said they “just dropped bank on prizes” for top costumes, and students interested in participating in the costume contest should arrive early to sign up. He could not give sneak previews of these prizes.

“We’re keeping the preparation a secret, but expect some really dirty, spooky, terrifying stuff!” he said.

Another member of the committee, Emily Clough ’15, said the party is a test run for similar events in the future.

“This is the Loch’s first Halloween Party! If it is a success, it will for sure become a repeating event,” she said.

The costume contest aspect of the party is already exciting some students.

One student, Marta Vegdahl-Crowell ’17, will incorporate her vibrant red hair into a costume.

“I’ll be dressing up as the heroine from Brave,” she said. “It’s easy cause it’s not like I’ll need a wig or anything. I’m still debating whether or not I’ll be signing up for the costume contest, but I’m definitely looking forward to the free food.”

For many first-year international students, the party marks their first experience with Halloween.

“I’m from Guatemala, and we don’t have Halloween. I have no idea what I’ll be dressing up as, but it’ll definitely be good. I’m excited to see what this day is all about. I’m also looking forward to the candy, of course!” said Alan Morales ‘17.

The event planners and coordinators offered up several compelling reasons to go to the party.

“I’m personally looking forward to scaring a bunch of first years and watching drunk people. Also, just because it’s in the Campus Center doesn’t mean it’s lame,” Mathison-Bowie said.

“Because it’s Halloween, and everyone knows Halloween is the best holiday. Sweets and monsters, what more can you ask for?” Clough said.

A member of the Loch committee and Operations Manager of the Campus Center, Mark Bechtel, is looking forward to celebrating with the student body.

“This is meant to be a fun event for everyone to dress up, come by and celebrate a fun holiday,” he said. “Come, because it’s not like you’re going to bed before 12:30 anyway.”