An(other) Story Circle

In the spring of 2013, the Cultural House launched the newest addition to its program repertoire, An(other) Story. Inspired by the “story slams” of organizations like New York’s storytelling organization The Moth, An(other) Story provides a space for students to share their stories around themes of identity and growth.

Four to five Macalester community members share their own stories around the semester’s theme, and the rest of the community is invited to listen and reflect on how their own stories intersect and diverge with the ones they hear. The first An(other) Story, piloted in Spring 2013, was met with enthusiasm and interest.

Thanks to the engagement and support of all those who attended and participated last semester, An(other) Story will continue as an official Cultural House program. Created for intentional discussion and meaningful relationships, the C-House is the perfect space for sharing stories and perspectives. In addition to An(other) Story, the C-House also hosts other programs to the Macalester community together, such as the Cultural House Poetry Slam, monthly Fresh Fridays, and In The Kitchen With.

Stories are a way for us to communicate the fundamental pieces of who we are, the identities and experiences that can’t be captured in a checklist. In the daily milieu, we are often asked to summarize who we are and where we are from in a few sentences, and the true stories that make us who we are may be lost. An(other) Story’s goal is to bring attention to these stories and voices that often go unheard.

This semester’s An(other) Story will be held on October 17th from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM in the Cultural House. The theme this fall is “balancing multiple identities.” We invite you all to come join us, hear some stories, and maybe even tell a few of your own.