A word from MacBike

MacBike is a student-led organization dedicated to the promotion of bicycling in the Macalester community and the greater Twin Cities. MacBike organizes events that highlight biking as a fun activity and a sustainable means of transport.

These events include group rides, alleycat races, and maintenance classes. MacBike also hosts weekly open shop hours on Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. in the basement of Doty.

Open Shop is open to anyone who needs help fixing their bike, needs a part, or wants to learn the art of bicycle mechanics – all for FREE!

The are many ways to get involved with MacBike, from helping out at open shop hours to organizing particular events. Anyone is welcome to participate; no prior bicycle knowledge is necessary! To get on the MacBike mailing list and receive information about events and meetings, send an email to [email protected]