Loco de Mayo: Food & Drank’s top Cinco de Mayo options

Best Nachos

La Cucaracha, 36 Dale St. S, Saint Paul

This hot spot is located right down Grand and has some of the best nachos you will ever get your mouth on.
They are baked with Chihuahua cheese, spiced and marinated grilled chicken, black beans and cilantro.

Family-owned for 43 years, this Crocus Hill spot features other Mexican delights like the Smothered Burrito: packed with beef, doused in enchilada sauce, hot tamales (chicken or pork) or a beef enchilada, covered with chili con carne, sour cream, and cheese.

Hop on the 63 or, if it ever stops snowing, ride your bike and enjoy nachos and margs all day at this accessible restaurant.

Best Patio

El Notero, 4000 E. Lake St., Minneapolis

This spot is part restaurant, part grocery store. The restaurant is family owned, but that is not the only appealing aspect of El Notero. The gem is the hidden garden like patio in the back that diners can sit and enjoy. So assuming it is warm out this weekend (a mild stretch of the imagination) come enjoy this hidden garden on Lake Street in Minneapolis.

Best Tequila Selection

Barrio Tequila Bar, 925 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis

This is the Twin Cities’ only tequila bar and there are over 150 types of tequila to choose from. This is also a MSP chain with one location actually in terminal two of the airport. However, that does not stop this restaurant from being delicious. Barrio has a wide selection of small and large plates. You can either go for the tapas experience or you can go full entrée and get a large plate. The crab tortilla soup is a unique take on a classic Mexican dish and the guacamole comes freshly made with a mortar and pestle. The visit is definitely worth it, both for the tequila and the food.