Alvin Kim ‘14 chosen as student liason to the Board of Trustees

On April 4, Alvin Kim ’14 was selected as the new Student Liaison for the Board of Trustees for the 2013-2014 school year.

The selection committee was comprised of Vice President of Student Affairs Laurie Hamre, current Student Liaison Melanie Reschke ’14, MCSG President Patrick Snyder ’13 and MCSG class representatives.

Kim applied for the position alongside other candidates by completing a personal statement, acquiring two recommendations and participating in an interview with the committee. After choosing Kim, the committee sent a request to President Brian Rosenberg, who has the authority to officially approve Kim’s appointment to the position.

Along with members of other Board committees, the Student Liaison sits in on meetings of the Board, with the exception of those that are for Board executives only, and coordinates with other student representatives while voicing the concerns of the student body.

Kim, who is currently spending the semester in Amsterdam, sees his new role as an opportunity to be both a communicator and an organizer.

“My hope is to work with the other student representatives on how we obtain student feedback,” Kim wrote in an email. “Rather than asking students to approach us about the things they want changed, my hope is to emphasize an active process on our part that communicates with students through the avenues that they are already working within.”

Kim wants to help streamline the process for communicating with the Board while maintaining effective and transparent avenues for students to have their voices heard.

“Mac students are busy!” Kim wrote. “They do a lot and are involved in countless things on campus, so I understand if it’s hard to attend a particular forum or meeting. Increasing the opportunities for communication will help us to better represent students on campus.”

As the position is relatively new, Reschke says that the duties of the Liaison are still being fine-tuned, although progress is made every year. “It would be great to see this become a more well-known position in years to come because of the unique position the Liaison holds in the college,” Reschke said.