Women's frisbee team moving on to regionals

By Mike Snavely

The women’s frisbee team has had reason to brag this year. “This has been the best season in four years,” exclaimed Mac ultimate players Julie Greene ’10 and Jacque Kutvirt ’11 regarding the success the women’s Frisbee team has had this spring.

Dubbed the “Purse-snatchers” (or just “Snatch” for short), Mac’s lady ultimate team had their best result in recent memory at the sectional tournament last weekend. After missing the third-place game by a point, the women took fifth place, earning a spot in regionals next weekend at Carleton.

At the regional tournament, Snatch has the potential of facing some of the Midwest’s powerhouse ultimate clubs. Carleton, the host, has three different levels of teams and still has to cut players every year, which is the type of turnout that most teams can’t hope to match. Carleton’s top team is a dominating presence and a regular at the national tournament. The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are also in Macalester’s region, meaning the women have their work cut out for them.

When talking with Greene and Kutvirt about the reasons for the team’s success, a common theme came up: spring break. Just like baseball and tennis, ultimate Frisbee takes a trip over spring break to get a jumpstart on playing outdoors.

This year Snatch went to Georgia where they partook in a weeklong tournament against teams from around the country.

“It was great bonding time; it’s when girls start to love Frisbee,” said Kutvirt. The women got their first taste of success, as well, ending up in the ‘A’ Division quarterfinals.

Another reason for the team’s success is the seriousness the women are bringing to the field this spring. In the past, Snatch has seen shaky commitment at best, but this year the captains have stressed attendance and focus, and it has paid off.

“We’re trying to move the team towards being more competitive and more athletic, while still having fun,” said Greene, who is a team captain. “In order to stay in shape for ultimate you have to show up to practice, and we’ve seen a lot more of it this year.”

When asked how this commitment has been inspired, Kutvirt explained, “Julie has a good authority voice,” as both girls laughed. “But seriously, though,” said Greene.

Snatch’s next match is tonight in the biannual Mac-Tommy Cup, where the women will take on their Summit Avenue rivals from St. Thomas at 6:30 p.m. in the stadium. Historically the Tommies have had big crowds for this match, so Mac is hoping for some support as they try to reclaim the Cup after a close loss in the fall.

After tonight the women turn their attention towards the regional tournament, where sixteen teams will vie for two or three berths into the national tournament. Snatch will start in pool play next Saturday, and then depending on how they play, will move on to an eight-team, single elimination tournament on Sunday.

Overall, the women are excited about the season they’re having.

“Frisbee is a growing sport at Mac, and it’s fun when a lot of girls show up,” Greene and Kutvirt agreed. “And it’s fun to watch, as well,” they hinted.