What I Learned in Bed

By Hannah Wydeven

Dear Hannah,I’m just wondering what’s up with the non-dating scene at Mac. It seems like people either meet and then jump into a serious relationship, or just find drunken hook-ups at parties. Don’t people ask each other out anymore? Aren’t dates fun? What is going on?

Lonely in the Library

Dear LIL,

Your plight is a familiar one. Mac students are always complaining about the lack of casual dating on our campus, something that’s easily found at bigger schools. Those who don’t find themselves in a “Mac Marriage” are often lonely and horny–which leads to the awkward drunken party hook-up. There are also people on campus who aren’t interested in a serious relationship, and avoid the scene altogether in case someone mistakes a kind look for a wedding proposal.

The true problem is that even people who want to casually date don’t have the guts to ask somebody out. For example, what’s stopping you from making the first move LIL? Mac students love to break gender barriers and challenge stereotypes, so why don’t more women take an active role in asking someone on a date? When it comes to dating, it’s not that people aren’t interested in one another; it’s that most people here lack the confidence to put themselves out there. There is a major fear of rejection on this campus that keeps students sleeping alone every night. Coupled with that is the idea that dating is always a serious matter – and that if someone doesn’t want to see you again, you’re a failure. My advice: get over it. Dating doesn’t have to be serious, and if a date doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you. In fact, that is the very reason people date–to find out what they want and don’t want in a future relationship.

You also have to remember that many people at Mac have big personalities – which can be intimidating for someone pondering the idea of asking you on a date, LIL. If you’re one of those people, recognize that you might need to be the first to take the plunge. If confidence is the problem, then understand that we are all in this together. If you’re looking for casual dates at Mac, it’s a guarantee that someone else is, too. We are a lonely, desperate group of people, but not many will admit it. So LIL and those who share this dilemma, grow a pair! Ask someone out, and don’t be afraid of the consequences! The worst that can happen is you get a “no,” and then life goes on.

Dear Hannah,

What’s with people shaving their pubic hair? Do people find it attractive? Will people find me more attractive if I shave my pubic hair? Does no one leave their mane untamed these days?

Hairy and Confused

Dear HAC,

Don’t worry. Despite what you see in porn, not everyone in the world shaves their pubic hair. Pubic hair is, and should be, a very personal thing. It’s on your body, so you choose the way you want it to look. Some people choose to shave their pubic hair entirely because they like the way it feels. Others choose to shave it into landing strips, patches, stars, stripes or whatever else because they like the way it looks. Your pubic hair is completely up to you HAC.Own it!

If you do choose to shave your pubic hair, remember that the skin down there is extra sensitive and needs a lot of love and attention. Itchy post-shave bumps are not fun, so be sure to use shaving cream in a hot shower, and load up on baby oil, aloe vera or some other anti-bump cream. If you’re a trimmer, use a clean pair of scissors, and be gentle.

The best part, HAC, is that no one really cares what your pubic hair looks like. Some people even like their partner extra hairy. The point is that once you get down to business and your sexiness is fully exposed, the last thing either you or your partner will be thinking about is the state of your wild mane. You can rest assured that you are still hot and happening, even with your pubes in a state of naturalness. Besides, full and wild locks are a much better alternative to a patch-job trim. And don’t forget HAC, just because you have tried one pubic style before doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. If you’re worried that a long-term lover may reject your new look, don’t be. You’re the boss of your body, and you control your sexy pubic party.