Voting for change, finally

By Molly Griffard

Is Bush right more than 90 percent of the time? Mark Kennedy thinks so. The Republican Congressman has voted with Bush and the Republican party more than 90% of the time. If you want more of the same—a never-ending war in Iraq, millions of uninsured Americans, under-funded schools, and inaction on climate change and environmental issues—then send Mark Kennedy back to Congress. If you are like me and are fed up with Bush and his lapdogs in Congress, then vote for change. Elect Amy Klobuchar, a strong leader who has a vision of a more socially just and environmentally sustainable future for the United States and the state of Minnesota.
A great opportunity waits just five short weeks over the horizon. It’s not fall break and it’s not Halloween, but it’s almost as important. In five weeks, we have a chance to change the direction that our country is headed. While Bush might have two more years left in office, we can stop—or at least curb—his destruction of the U.S. by electing leaders who will challenge him and who will represent our values, not those of the far right wing. On Nov. 7, you will be given the option to vote for more of the same or for a new direction for our country. Democrats have a chance to take back Congress this fall, and it all starts right here in Minnesota with a nationally-watched race for an open Senate seat. The candidate for change is Amy Klobuchar, a DFL- and labor-endorsed Democrat who will fight for our progressive values in Washington.
Renewable energy has been at the top of her list of priorities, both in terms of economic development and environmental sustainability. She talks about Minnesota as a wind-power center of the country, and she discusses the different crops that could supplement ethanol. She knows her stuff, and her vision, if made a reality, would make this country a better place.

In regards to health care, Amy will put Americans before the big drug companies. She supports importing drugs from Canada as well as allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies in order to reduce prescription costs. With universal coverage as the goal, Amy will work to create pools that allow Americans to buy in to a health care plan that lowers cost by spreading risk over a larger group. Amy recognizes that it is simply not acceptable that millions of children are uninsured and go without basic health care. One of Amy’s priorities is to cover all children in the United States. With millions uninsured and the price of prescriptions rising, our country needs leaders who will fight for us and share our belief that no one, especially not children, should go without health care.

So if you care about protecting the environment, fixing our broken health care system, or even just making Bush’s life hell for the next two years, the choice is clear. Vote for change in November. Vote for Amy Klobuchar for U.S. Senate.