Vote NO on DEMPIRG's Power Grab at Our Expense

By Sam Brier

In last week’s edition, DEMPIRG made a bold request. They want you to vote today to give their “non-partisan” organization more money to pursue their left wing goals like ” health care coverage, workers rights, and fair trade.” No, this is not a joke. DEMPIRG actually believes a majority of the public shares their goals and that those of us at Macalester should pay to advance them. To all the DEMPIRG members out there, you should ask the Democratic National Committee for funding since your goals are straight out of their playbook. To all the Mac moderates and conservatives out there who choose to remain silent, I know you experience the same things I do each day. You listen to our professors make cracks about conservatives and the Tea Party. You watch as your liberal classmates stand up and attack the foundations of our great country, eager to expand our government and limit individual freedom. You witness their audacity to propose spending increases to their entitlement programs, even as they complain about the costs of protecting our brave men and women in the military. Now you are being asked to pay your money to an organization that is essentially a shill for the Democrats. How much more of this are you going to take?