Una Noche Para Chile

By Harry Kent

This past month, the country of Chile was hit by a devastating earthquake, registering a staggering magnitude of 8.8. This caused massive amounts of damage to the central region of the country, particularly in the second largest city, and epicenter of the earthquake, Concepcion, as over 500,000 homes were reported damaged, and over 500 people were killed. While significant progress has been made in the rebuilding process, a lot more is still needed. A group of us within the Macalester community have come together, not only to rally to the needs and turmoil that has afflicted the area, but also because we feel a strong connection to the people who have been affected in a variety of ways. Some of us have been able to study abroad, establishing relationships with the land and its people, some of us have friends who are currently abroad in the country right now, and who are witnessing this difficult process first hand. Some of us can connect to the people through cultural heritage, either because we were born there, or because we share roots with others. And some of us can simply connect because there are people who have been affected by an unexpected disaster and who need help, and we have the ability to provide that. I am writing on behalf of this group to ask for your support in our efforts to help those affected by this disaster, and to join us in whatever means you can and would like to. We are hosting Una Noche Para Chile on Saturday, April 17, in the Weyerhauser Boardroom from 6-8 p.m., where there will be food catered from various local restaurants, gift certificates and other lovely prizes available in a raffle, and performances from musical groups and individual performers. We are suggesting a donation of $5. All the money that we raise will be going to Un Techo Para Chile, an organization devoted to building new homes to help the many who lost their homes in the wake of the earthquake. Their work has been integral in reestablishing residential communities and lifting the country of Chile in general. It was one of the most inspiring moments of the semester to see the community rally in support of the Haiti relief efforts, and we hope that many of you can come out and do it again to help the Chileans who have been affected by the earthquake. Thank you for your attention, and hope to see you this Saturday.¡Fuerza Chile!

Harry Kent ’13 is the Co-Head of the Chile Relief Committee and can be reached at [email protected]