Twin Cities: Five Minutes of Fame


Everyone loves a celeb sighting, whether it be your favorite actor or that kid from high school that you can’t seem to stop stalking on Facebook. You may be too cool to admit it, but when you see that hot barista out from behind the espresso machine or Garrison Keillor in Rice Park your heart definitely skips a beat. Seeing that person in the real world is anything but boring. Featured on such hot television series as Man v. Food, Diners Drive Ins and Dives and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimern, the Twin Cities has become an “it” city to be spotted in. Want to check out some of the places that have pulled Minneapolis and St. Paul into the spotlight? Check out the guide below to see where you, too, can get your 15 minutes of fame. Matt’s Bar Featured on “Amazing Eats” AND “Man vs. Food” this bar located at 3500 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis claims to have invented the original jucy lucy, a burger with cheese melted into the meat pattie. Head over and decide for yourself if it is claim-worthy. Emily’s Lebanese Deli Featured on the Food Network’s “Diner’s Drive-in and Dive” this lebanese deli (located at 641 University Ave NE Minneapolis) has been in operation for 38 years, selling Lebense food that has been passed down for generations. Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit This German resturant featured on the Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food” is located at 2300 University Ave. NE Minneapolis. It’s been described as the 12-month bearer of Octoberfest. Head to this hot spot if you want to be serenaded to by a waiter wearing an accordian while small children dance on chairs. International Hmong Market Featured on the Travel Channel’s “Bizzare Foods” with Andrew Zimern, this market, located at 217 Como Ave, St Paul, will not disappoint with its array of food stands filled with tasty treats. refresh –>