Trouble at Cafe Mac

By Katie Havranek

On Jan. 28 four non-Macalester students snuck into Cafe Mac during lunch and attempted to steal fresh fruit according to Cafe Mac workers. They were also seen at the Atrium Market trying to steal ice cream treats.

The students are believed to be from a local high school because they were seen wearing letter jackets. The accused were caught last week eating hot meals from the food lines.

After being forced to leave, they returned a few hours later and pulled a fire alarm at the top of the second floor Campus Center stairwell Saturday night, according to Will Young, operations manager.

Board Manager for Bon Appetit, Theresa Cianni, told the students that if they were found in Cafe Mac again, security would be called.

Upon seeing Cianni on Wednesday, the boys fled before security was called. Pictures of the individuals were obtained from the security cameras and building managers and Bon Appetit staff alike will be keeping an eye out for the students.