Traipsing Around Town: A Variety of Flavors at Conny's Creamy Cone

By Taylor Uggla

Conny’s is like the cheaper, more delicious version of Dairy Queen. Recommended by Amelia Nielsen ’08, it’s a place that Macalester students should frequent more often. The food is inexpensive, the atmosphere quaint, and you can get 24 different flavors for your cone.The best time to go to Conny’s is at dusk. Tucked into the corner of Dale and Maryland, Conny’s acts as a beacon in a sea of businesses and residential buildings. Brightly lit and cozy, it’s the perfect place to end a bike ride or take a break from those end of the year study sessions. You can sit at picnic tables with friends or just lean against the restaurant’s red and white railing while you eat. Either way, conversations are bound to surround you as Conny’s is a popular place among its neighbors.

The reason for its renown probably has something to do with its unique ice cream. For $1.42, you can get a small cone in flavors ranging from peanut butter to pina colada. I ordered the black cherry and was quite pleased with the results. My date had the German chocolate, and both of us were surprised to learn that it tasted just like the cake. I didn’t know you could even have that flavor of ice cream, but now I’m definitely inspired to go back for more. It’s the best soft serve I’ve tasted in a long while.

Conny’s also offers malts, shakes, flurries, sundaes, slushes, freezes, and floats. You can take pints or quarts of ice cream home, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can try the dip of the week. You can also get specialty sundaes, including a fudge nut parfait and strawberry shortcake.

Of course, if you feel like having more, Conny’s also has a delightfully greasy food menu. When I went I ordered the cheese curds, and I definitely recommend them for others. They taste just like the ones you can buy at the State Fair, and what’s more, they’re smaller and easier to eat. My date ordered the hamburger, which came topped with diced onions and wrapped in butcher paper. He seemed to enjoy it, but did give me a warning: Conny’s burgers are not for those opposed to White Castle style. You must be able to appreciate the 1950s-inspired goodness.

So if you feel like experiencing a true midwestern gem, do yourself a favor and stop by Conny’s Creamy Cones. The delicious fare is worth the trip.