TMW picks the season's most addicting television series

By Tatiana Craine

Boardwalk EmpireThis season’s most talked about new series is undoubtedly “Boardwalk Empire.” The show is a dream.

With a killer ensemble cast that includes Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Kelly MacDonald, Gretchen Mol, William Hill and Anna Katarina, the show takes place during prohibition in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Martin Scorsese directed the pilot and serves as one of the show’s executive producers.

“Boardwalk Empire” shows a seedier side of the gambling empire with Buscemi starring as Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the town’s treasurer and local politician. With connections across the country, Nucky ships booze into the city after prohibition hits Atlantic City. The show exhibits all the corruption, crime, glamour and insanity of the 1920s.
If you’re not convinced about the show’s greatness yet… just wait. This show is going to be as big as HBO’s “The Sopranos” with gangsters and molls galore, drinking and glitzy events and more.

The show’s premiere was just a taste of the moonshine-flavored kick coming up this season. Make sure to tune into HBO on Sunday nights for a little taste of old time fun.

“Bored to Death”

Sweet release for fans of HBO’s sleeper hit “Bored to Death” will arrive on Sept. 26 with the premiere of the show’s second season. With an indie-friendly cast featuring talent from the likes of Jason Schwartzman, Zac Galifianakis and Ted Danson, the show has crept onto the radar of detective fanatics and dry humor enthusiasts everywhere.

The series follows neurotic novelist Jonathan Ames (Schwartzman) as he tries to get over a sudden breakup and make headway on his second novel. Taking a hint from author Raymond Carver, Jonathan decides to get into private detective work. He posts an ad on Craigslist, and he’s off solving cases left and right. His equally socially inept best friend and comic book artist, Ray, helps him with getting over his ex and acquiring cases.

What makes “Bored to Death” great are the comically strained yet tender relationships between Jonathan and those around him. His editor (Danson) frequently calls to commission him for weed, and Ray goes to him for ridiculous advice. Despite Jonathan’s near obsession with his ex, he still manages to find luck with the ladies (including guest stars Kristen Wiig and Parker Posey) while trying to tame his alcoholic tendencies by drinking only white wine. His reasoning: it’s got less alcohol.


Gleeks at the end of the first season of “Glee” were heartbroken when their favorite rag-tag show choir group of losers didn’t place at regionals, putting the Glee Club’s future in jeopardy. But when evil cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester stepped up in the name of the club she’d been trying to eliminate all year-there was hope for the Gleeks to try out for the national competition.

Summer’s over and this school year, it seems the remnants of last year’s tears and heartbreak have been effectively erased-teen mom Quinn is back on the cheerleading squad, quarterback Finn and Gleek Rachel have kept their relationship alive through the summer and Mr. Shuester seems ready to hop back on the singing-and-dancing bandwagon. The only thing that stands in the clubs way? The inevitable school budget cuts towards arts program in lieu of strengthening the football team.

This season is full of new rivals: there’s a new love-to-hate-her character. Step aside Sue, burly Coach Biste (pronounced like “beast”-it’s French!) is about to lead the McKinley High’s football team to championship glory, and she’s stepping on toes along the way.