TMW on the most entertaining ways to stay warm

By Tatiana Craine

Looking for something to do this weekend that doesn’t involve standing outside while the snow builds up around your ankles? Fear not, TMW found a bunch of ways to fight winter woe. With this weekend’s snowfall, you might have to cross-country ski or sled to your final destination, but these events around town promise to heat up even the chilliest days and bitter-cold nights. Hit up the local cinema!

There are countless films already out in theaters, but this weekend, a trio of goodies are coming to theaters near you. “The Roommate,” perhaps the most pertinent to college students, follows a pair of roommates as one of them grows increasingly more like horror-movie fodder when she gets too attached to her new friend. “The Other Woman,” formerly called “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,” stars Natalie Portman as-you guessed it-the other woman. Now married to her lover, she has to deal with his embittered ex-wife and stepson. Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge cast a different light on relationship films in “Waiting for Forever” where they play childhood best friends who reunite later in life. And if you’re looking for something close to campus, Academy Award-nominated films “The Fighter” and “True Grit” are playing at the Grandview Theatre.

Dance the night away!

Put on those dancing shoes and head out to one of the most iconic places in the Twin Cities-First Avenue. Made famous by Minnesota-native and world-class musician Prince, this music venue and club hosts some of the best acts and DJ sets in town. The first Friday of the month, The Record Room plays host to Get Cryphy!-the best in hip-hip hop and people watching in town. And if you’ve already got Friday night plans this week, definitely hit up Too Much Love on Saturday nights, also at First Avenue. There’s dancing, drinking and music galore at TML, with great DJs and tracks throughout the night. One of the greatest perks to First Avenue? You won’t get turned away for your lack of dance-club duds, since they’re generally chill on the dress code there. Better yet, you won’t break the bank. Get Cryphy runs $3-5, and TML is only $1 with your college ID.

See the best in modern art!

The Walker Art Center is one of the finest modern art museums in the country, a beacon of artistic talent for anyone interested in contemporary and iconic masterpieces. Each month, the Walker Art Center hosts “Free First Saturdays,” one of the best ways to catch a glimpse of Warhol and other distinguished artists gratis. This Saturday’s theme, “Taking Apart the Rules,” focuses on geometric shapes and art inspired by the Sol LeWitt exhibit at the museum. If you can’t make it to the museum this weekend, every Thursday from 5-9 p.m. museum admission is free as part of a sponsorship by Target.

Catch a play at the theater!

Shakespeare gets updated in the Guthrie Theater’s latest production of “The Winter’s Tale” where music and dance become an integral part of the classic play. Injecting ol’ Bill Shakespeare’s words with a hearty helping of bluegrass makes for a hugely entertaining spectacle. “The Winter’s Tale” follows the wildly raucous tale of a king that casts his queen (and their infant daughter) from the kingdom amidst rumors of infidelity. Their daughter grows up and finds love in Bohemia before unforeseen events lead the (star-cross’d, as per usual with the Bard) couple back to her homeland. Also cool about this production-you get to see a character named Hermione that isn’t running around and cavorting with her best friends Harry and Ron.