Thrift Store Round-Up

By Shasta Webb

Everyday People, located on the corner of Selby and Snelling, and is a great example of a contemporary consignment shop. Its host a variety of brands ranging from Forever 21 to BCBG and is organized in a easy and maneuverable way. Entering the store you encounter racks and racks of clothing, some organized by size, others by style, however, either way the racks are organized in some form, and are both appealing and accessible to search through. The only problem is that as you near the back of the store, the racks become more cramped and it would probably take more of a trained eye to search through the masses. However, if your willing to take the time I highly suggest Everyday People as a stop on your list of cheap clothing outlets. Prices are very reasonable. Typically a shirt won’t go for more than $10-15 while bottoms can range from $5 at the low end to $40+ for some better known designer pants. There is also a men’s selection that is organized even better than the women’s.
However, if your looking for the right sweater for that ugly sweater party Everyday People should definitely not be the first stop on your list when shopping. The clothes are mostly practical and in good condition, and if that’s what your looking for, there is definitely the possibility of a great find in the racks of Everyday People.

Condition: 7.5
Style: 6
Brands: 6.5
Accessibility: 8
Variety: 7
Costume: 4.5
Price: $$

Up Six
157 n. Snelling Ave.?
St. Paul, Mn 55104

Up Six is a vintage store specializing in 50’s-80’s clothing and furniture. It is located on Snelling Ave right before the Starbucks, about a seven minute walk from campus. They are an independently owned small business and their stock is global. Up Six is in consortium, with five other vintage stores in the area, all of which specialize in the same era clothing and furniture and all of which claim to be eco-friendly. Up Six is definitely more expensive than the aforementioned Everyday People, but their stock is unique and was clearly picked by a more critical eye. The store is easy to maneuver, with clothing and shoes located on one side and furniture located on the other. The racks are well organized by style of clothing and the shoes displayed in a pretty row in the window. The jewelry is located in a case under the cash register. This was my favorite of all the stores I visited, as it felt the most authentic, and it’s stock the most exclusive. This would be an especially good stop if you’re looking for a costume for a theme party, as there are many great 80’s prom dresses and”ugly” sweaters. Unlike Everyday People, where finding a steal would be a really cheap pair of name brand boots, finding a steal at Up Six would be more of finding that one pair of shoes that no one else has or will have, yet everyone will always ask where you bought them. Overall Up Six is a must stop on any shopping excursion.

Condition: 8
Style: 9
Brands: 4
Accessibility: 9
Variety: 8
Costume: 8
Price: $$$

My Sisters Closet
1136 Grand Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55105

My Sister’s Closet is located on Grand Ave and is about a five-minute bus ride on the 84. It’s a good combination of Everyday People and Up Six – if I was looking for something unique or special I could defiantly find that, or if I was looking for a cheaper way to buying J.Crew or Banana Republic that option is there as well. The clothes are in good condition, and prices are reasonable. I found a moderately cute Michael Kors bag for 42 dollars and a less cute Dooney and Bourke bag for 32 dollars, so if it’s names your looking for you may have some success at My Sisters Closet. The organization was very questionable, however, workable if your willing to put the time in. The first floor had a considerable amount of racks filled with random assortments of dresses, blouses and skirts, all of which would take immense patience to sift through. The second floor however felt more organized with different styles grouped together on racks. Shoes were also given their own corner of the store. The jewelry was located in a case under the cash register. I definitely think that My Sister’s Closet took the closet aspect of its name to heart. However, instead of the cluttered overwhelming feeling that may imply, it actually had an endearing vibe that I thoroughly enjoyed. Overall it was a good shopping experience. I even came out with a “new” belt.

Condition: 8
Style: 7
Brands: 6.5
Accessibility: 7
Variety: 8
Costume: 7
Price: $$