Theatre: Ballad of the Pale Fisherman

By Maya A. Weisinger

When’s the last time you enjoyed a piece of pleasantry? That’s right. The halftime show. But apart from that, I suggest you support the local theatre community and check out a play that starts today. Featuring Isabel Nelson ‘04 (she works in Admissions) as writer and director and Willie Gambucci, ‘12, this piece plays off the spirit of Irish and Scottish folktales and brings a love story to life. (Fairy tale life.) Centered on the plot of a fisherman falling in love with a woman who is half human and half seal, expect to be reeled in by a magical exploration of betrayal and self-sacrifice. At the 2010 Minneapolis Fringe Festival, this production won such awards as Outstanding Production, Outstanding Direction (Isabel Nelson) and Outstanding Female Performance (Anna Reichert) on Support Macalester peeps, weird love, seafaring ladies, and most importantly a break from the daily grind. “Ballad of the pale fisherman” opens tonight runs until february 25th tix: $15- $20 Illusion theatre 528 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis 612-339-4944 refresh –>