The Banshee onƒ?Ýthe Banshee

By Brianne Farley, Jonah Bull, Sarah Brumble

Banshee: What is this shadowy, nebulous entity known for its piercing cry as the Banshee?
banshee: OooooooooooooaAAaaaaaaaaaGgHhhHHhh! (Coughs) Ahemƒ?Ýthe Banshee is a literary magazine that publishes in the spring semester. B: But wait, I thought the Chanter was the literary magazine of choice?
b: You may (or may not) remember the Chanter, our more privileged counterpart, which is published in the fall. At any rate, the Banshee publishes: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays and art (of any feasible kind) and likes to think of itself as the underprivileged, but no less erudite counterpart to the Chanter.

B: I paint watercolors on the backs of old pizza boxesƒ?”will you accept my submission?
b: Essentially, if you submit it, we will consider it for publication; the more submissions we get, the better the Banshee will (ostensibly) be.

B: Like Richard Dreyfuss in ƒ?oeClose Encounters of the Third Kind,ƒ?? I make art with food. Is there a place for me in the Banshee?
b: Like a hungry man at a potluck dinner, we will take your noodle casserole, your Rice Krispie bars, your melon balls. We are starved for the home-cooked musings of the Macalester student body. Please, feed Banshee.

B: I like to write and enjoy the company of others with the same predilection. Can you help me?
b: In the interest of furthering a writing community (ah, that most hallowed of Macalester words), Banshee will sponsor a series of writing parties, to which Sarah Brumble, once editor and now resident slacker of Old Main, says: ƒ?oeSometimes we write, but always we party [responsibly].ƒ??

B: How can I submit to/contact the Banshee?
b: Submissions can be sent to [email protected] or via the SPO to ƒ?oeThe Banshee.ƒ??