Taking the small steps

By Pete Walters

It’s a busy time of year for those with the health of the planet on their mind. This week, the Enviromarathon here at Macalester kicked off a national teach-in on climate change. We are also in the middle of a war: February’s campus energy wars. Indeed, things are getting done and we should be proud of how far we’ve already come in lowering the impact of our campus. In regards to how our school should address climate change, I wish I had some miracle answer, but like most things it isn’t that simple. I think the best advice is for everyone to listen to the suggestions that are already being given on a daily basis and pick out the tidbits you think you can handle personally. However far you want to take it is up to you. To environmentalists, green thinkers, climate activists: lets take any sentiments of judgment, condescending attitudes, green egos and push them to the dark corners of our psyches where they can fade and be forgotten. If we attack the problem with candy-sweet optimism, perhaps it will groan and lie down like a kid on November 1st. This is everyone’s problem, and while some of us will choose to make it our major and others to take a shorter shower, we will fix it.