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By Maya Pisel

We want to know how you see the world. Tapestries is a student-edited e-journal produced through the American Studies department and published on the Macalester Digital Commons. This year is Tapestries’third year, and our editorial collective selected the theme Generational Politics: Perspectives of the 21st Century. ‘Generational Politics’ is one lens into your perspective, the unique point-of-view through which you understand your life. Politics means elections and laws and nations – and it also means your relationships with other people, the food you eat, the streets you live on, the music you play at parties, the reasons you study what you study. We chose this theme to invite you to reflect on what you see, right now, from where you are, and how you got here. We hope to bring together a multiplistic journal that shows many moments in relationship with one another, a panoramic collection of past, present, and future visions. Generation gap. The Greatest Generation. First-generation college student. [Insert political slogan] for the next generation. Inter-generational household. Talkin’ ‘bout my generation. I saw the best minds of my generation… · Affirmative action lasted for one generation: from Brown v. Board in 1954 until UCalifornia v. Bakke in 1978. On Wednesday, Fisher v. Texas began in the Supreme Court, another white person claiming discrimination in admissions to state University. · Do you remember TRL? The after-school countdown was MTV’s main way of broadcasting music videos to teens, but ended in 2008. In less than a generation, Twitter and YouTube displaced the TV channel that once seemed to change adolescence forever. · The Centers for Disease Control first recognized HIV/AIDS in 1981. A United Nations Millenium goal was to achieve universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS for all those who need it… by 2010. Nearly two generations after HIV/AIDS entered dominant discourse and research, how do we understand its histories, realities, and future? This is our moment. How do you describe yours? Submit your paintings, audio recordings, love letters, scientific papers, analytic essays, poetry, collages, thought clouds, comics… Tapestries is a digital space for all media and all identities. You’ll be published, you’ll be heard, and you’ll help us sustain a conversation about what it means to be where we’re at. Submit by November 16th to [email protected] refresh –>