Style File: Wren Brennen '13 and Eliza Summerlin '13

By Sarah Krumholz

So you guys live in the coveted Wallace quad. What’s that like?
Eliza: I’m quite pleased with our setup: apartment-style with a bedroom and living room. Your fourth roommate isn’t coming back until next semester. Does living with three other people affect your appearance?
Eliza: It’s nice to have three people to borrow clothes.
Wren: Separate wardrobe space is crucial, but the wardrobes are great.

Eliza: Isabella has some definite earth tones, possibly urban chic.

Wren: Eliza does more colors and patterns.

Eliza: I like the colors. That’s where Isabella and I don’t get along
Wren: If one of us puts on something fun and different, it would make me want to put more effort into my own outfit

You are both from different parts of the country?
Eliza: This is true. Some of us lived in boats and some of us didn’t.

Wren: The west coast is extremely laid back most of the time when it comes to style.

Are you aware of your own individual style?
Eliza: Yes, but I would say that there are always manifestations of what is your style, while I still could identify what it is, it is still ever-changing.

Wren: When I first came to school, I had a very distinct style, very set in a west coast style – casual or dressy – but after being here a while, I noticed style differences from different cities and have since incorporated that into the things I like to wear now.

Being at Macalester has influenced what you wear?
Eliza: Yeah, I don’t think I was set in one style being here, so in that way I think Macalester influenced my style. If I were at a different school my style would be different today.

Wren: Until I was at Macalester, I was never exposed to wearing articles of clothing in certain ways or would have even thought of it.

Eliza: Yeah, I owe a lot of my style to the people I am surrounded by.