Style File: The Hurlow Brothers

By Amy Lebowitz & Mara Aussendorf

Brian Hurlow ’12 and Scott Hurlow ’15 share both their genes and their jeans. The Mac Weekly sat down with these stylish brothers to talk fashion icons, hipster statuses and “secret” styles. TMW: How would each of you describe your individual styles? Brian: Controlled chaos with a nuance of German constructivism. Scott: Casual classy meets urban chic. How have those styles evolved since coming to Macalester? Scott: The cold has changed it. The cold makes a big difference on what you can wear. Brian: I threw out my blue track jacket and then was strategic about what I asked for at Christmas. What did you ask for at Christmas? Brian: I got a new scarf. Scott: A jacket… I got a new scarf and a down puffy jacket. Are there particular people who have helped inspire your sense of style? Brian: Our mom is our fashion consultant. Sometimes we call her for questions. Scott: Sometimes she calls me with questions about you [Brian]. She calls me to ask what to buy you. Yeah, that’s how it goes down. What kinds of questions do you ask her? Scott: Does this look good? Brian: We say, “Mom, how do you know what’s hip?” And she says, “I just know.” Scott: She bought us scarves for Christmas. Brian: We demanded scarves for Christmas. We were gonna have a government shutdown if we didn’t get scarves. I also wanted to say that one of my style icons is Cline Ethan. Scott: No comment. So are your other family members just as stylish? Brian: We have another brother who’s probably more stylish than us. His bank account is shredded. Scott: He just takes our styles and then spends more money on them. The base limitation is money for sure. Brian: Yeah, the Dior stacks up, let’s put it that way. Scott: That’s why I usually shop at used clothing stores. Brian: I keep it to one or two Louis Vuitton, and maybe like one or two Marc Jacobs shirts, and then one or two good jean jackets, and then one or two of all the big names. Write that. I’ve gotta have one or two of all the big names. That’s how I roll. How do you guys feel about being called hipsters? Brian: I don’t like it when people throw things. Scott (pointedly): I don’t get called that directly to the face very much. So you’re not self-identified hipsters? Brian: It’s all about the fabrics. Write that. Do you have any memorable first-day-of-school outfits? Brian: I think my black pants, black sweatshirt combo. Scott: Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. I think the first day of last year I wore all black. Brian: I usually wear all black the first day of school, just to freak people out. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? Brian: I have a shirt. [long pause] Really? Brian: It just fits me right. Can you describe it for us? Brian: It’s gray. Scott: My favorite shirt is the one you [Brian] bought me last year. It’s just a brown Gap shirt. Brian: Nice. Scott: It’s the best. It just fits. Brian: It’s all about the fabrics. Do you guys trade clothes a lot? Brian: Do we? Scott: Sometimes you steal my sweatshirts. Brian: Say that. Say, “Sometimes Brian steals my sweatshirts.” What about trading style advice? Do you guys exchange fashion tips with each other? Brian: Sometimes I sit Scotty down… Scott: And I say, “Come on, Brian. Lay it on.” Brian: And I say, “Bow tie’s gotta go.” Scott: And then I listen to him. Brian: And then sometimes I barge into Scott’s room at one o’clock and say, “I have a date tonight! Is this okay?” Scott: And I say, “Not at all.” Brian: And Scott says, “Not at all.” So yeah, we have a pretty honest rapport. Is there anything you would never wear? Brian: There might actually be some things I would never wear. Neon hats. So 2010. Scott: Yeah, anything neon. Do you think it’s important to dress differently in different situations? Brian: Well for instance, if you’re a fire fighter, then yes. Stupid question. Next question. How do people react to the fact that you, as guys, look so put together? Scott: They usually make fun of me, poke me, push me around. Brian: They usually whisper. Yeah, the bullying side of things sucks. But that’s the price you pay for being, you know, fashionable. Any last thoughts? Brian: I have a secret style. And it’s the thing I invented. You can mark that down; I invented it. It’s called Big Shirt, Small Pants. You invented that? Brian: Yeah, it’s where I wear a big shirt — a big button down shirt, un-tucked — with tiny pants. And it’s like a raging — a meme-ing — thing on blogs right now. Really? Brian: That part might not be true, but I do often wear big shirts and skinny jeans. Do you have a name for that style? Brian: Yeah. It’s called Big Shirt Skinny Jeans. Are you a follower of Big Shirts Skinny Jeans, Scott? Scott: No, I usually tuck. Brian: Yeah, he tucks. Scott: I go Big Sweatshirt. Brian: I like to go for the frazzled, sometimes. Scott: Frazzled is good. Brian: Right. The post-business business. Business casual. Scott: Too casual for his own good. Brian: Casualty. Business casualty. That’s great. Write that. refresh –>