Style File: Megan Fitzpatrick

By Amy Lebowitz & Mara Aussendorf

The Mac Weekly: How would you describe your style? Megan Fitzpatrick: I would say the most consistent thing about my style is that it’s very thrifty. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. I usually get everything from thrift stores, so basically whatever I can afford ends up being my style. Do you have any tips for fellow thrifters? You have to be really, really patient because to find something good at a thrift store, you really have to sift through a lot of crap like gross-stained sweatpants. You could spend hours and only find one or two things, so you really have to be in the mood. How about home? Where are you from? I’m from Glendale, California. If you’ve heard, Kim Kardashian might be the mayor one day. I just read this article yesterday. Apparently she announced that that’s her ultimate goal in life, is to be mayor of Glendale. How do you feel about Kim Kardashian’s style? [Laughs] I think it works for her, but I don’t really think I could pull it off. I don’t exactly have her dimensions. Who are your fashion influences? I wouldn’t say that I idolize any one particular person’s style, but since coming to Macalester, it’s full of some very fashionable young ladies. You guys always keep me on my toes in the fashion department. We heard you have a thing for Snoopy. How do you accessorize with Snoopy? Snoopy is a toy dog that I found at a yard sale freshman year, and when you pull it along, its little paws clack [makes clacking noise]. I used to drag it around a lot on campus. Unfortunately, I haven’t busted him out in awhile. I have a Snoopy Jr. now as well. But maybe in the final weeks of school, he’ll make an appearance on campus. You studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia. How did that influence or change your style? I noticed that when I was there, I started wearing a lot more high heels. I wore them all the time because that was pretty much the standard for girls there. Actually, it was kind of shocking; what girls wore to class was so different than what we wear to class here. Girls would come with stilettos and then a short skirt and maybe even something low cut. So in Russia I definitely had a more polished look: Less jeans, more heels. But I think I’ve reverted to my sloppy ways. You’re known for your elaborate costumes for theme parties. What has been your favorite? Am I? I think my favorite is, freshman year I found this thing in one of the giveaway piles. It was this big purple mess, and when I pulled it out, it turned out that it was an octopus costume. So there’s a head that goes over your head with eyes, and then there are six arms extending from the vest part, and then I guess your other two arms are supposed to make eight. And I’ve busted that out multiple times. I won a Halloween costume contest. What are some other costumes that you’ve worn? I hosted an awkward prom party where I was the pregnant girl. I was Sexy Jesus for Halloween. I was a lobster the Halloween before that. What’s your number-one style rule? Wear whatever makes you feel good. Which is super generic and cheesy, but it’s true. How did you realize that? In Russia, people would think that I couldn’t speak in Russian at all, and they would actually just start trash talking me right in front of me. I’d be able to understand just enough to be like, “Oh, God! Why would you say that?” I kind of realized through that experience that someone is always going to look at what I’m wearing and say, “Oh, that’s ugly.” But someone else might say, “Oh, that’s adorable.” So I realized I really shouldn’t care because if I feel good in it, that’s all that matters. What would you wear with Snoopy? I don’t know…could I wash it? Probably a sundress. Wait, I don’t know. You’re asking for a really big commitment here. No answer. Any last comments? I’m flattered. Thank you for doing this. I actually thought I was ineligible because I have worn sweatpants to class. So thank you for giving me a second chance.