Style File: Maya Hurley-Wales


Maya is a first year Mac student hailing from Boston, Mass. You will most likely see her around campus in dresses, as she is almost always in a dress. However, whatever you see her in, it will most likely be super trendy and always adorable. Maya is very passionate about clothing as an art form, and while she is not sure about it as a career path, fashion and style are definitely major priorities for her. TMW: So, what’s your style? Maya Hurley-Wales: I just love mixing, and I think that is really key, whether it is price points or just different styles. I don’t think I just have just one style because there are days I am feeling really retro casual and I’ll do a jean jacket with a high-waisted skirt and a T-shirt and just call it a day, or there are days when I am feeling really flowy. I love flowy ends and feeling like I could fly. Like little wings. Where do you pull the inspiration for your multi-dimensional style? I get a lot of my inspiration for looking at magazines. I look at those to see what I can do to make those my own. I try to draw little bits of what I like to incorporate and mix it together. I often look at or for inspiration. Those often feature pricey clothing. How do you avoid spending too much on clothing? I mean, I guess I do admit I spend a lot of money on clothes because it is a passion of mine. It’s not just owning clothes; going into a store is like going into an art gallery for me. I just find clothes so beautiful. It is such a unique way to express yourself. I get so much joy and passion from it. As someone with a lot of clothes, what do you do to deal with tiny dorm room closets? I keep some of it in suitcases, and the things I don’t wear are in space bags. I brought like a thousand space bags to school. I took all my clothes from home and brought them here because I am the kind of person who is like, I never know what I’ll need! I am famous for taking so long to pack. If your dorm room caught on fire, what is the number one piece of clothing you would take? I would take my Jeffery Campbell shoes. They are such a unique staple shoe, I wear them all the time at any season. What are your clothing pet peeves? I hate cheetah print. Cheetah print pants, I don’t think anyone should ever wear ever. Or Snooki’s fur UGGs. Something I think everyone should have if a good pair of jeans. I am also obsessed with jeggings, I don’t even buy real jeans anymore. On the flip side, what is something everyone should own? One really great black dress. Do you have favorite designers? I have recently discovered my love for Elie Saab. Such flowy everything and it is just the most beautiful basic colors, but when the models walk down the runway it is like you are watching a dream. Do you think your style has evolved since being at Mac? I feel like a lot of people are really retro causal here, especially my guy friends. I take inspiration from them. I really like the look of a hooded sweatshirt under a jean jacket, kicks and jeans. It’s a great way to feel stylish and not frumpy. Who is your most stylish professor? Leah Sand is incredibly stylish. She looks so professional and adorable. The other day she wore a black blazer with black jeggings and a beautiful navy blouse. She just looks effortlessly great and I think that effortless look, if you can pull it off, is awesome. refresh –>