Study Away application deadlines

By The Mac Weekly

As more students usually go abroad in the spring, the school witnesses vacancies in student housing that result in financial losses. To recover from these financial losses and ensure that Mac can continue to allow a large proportion of its student to go abroad, a single-deadline policy may be implemented.

A single-deadline policy is unfair to students planning to go abraod in the spring because it forces them to make decisions far more in advance than fall applicants have to. Students may change their destination of choice over the summer or figure out that they don’t want to go at all.

Although reducing costs is important, it is doubtful that we will run out of money to send students abraod if we continue the current deadlines. Offering students more affordable study away options such as summer programs and exchanges can help reduce costs. Moreover, these new programs could help solve the fall vancancy program by attracting students who originally would’ve gone abroad in the spring.