Student org accounts temporarily frozen

By Hattie Stahl

The Student Services Committee (SSC) froze accounts yesterday of student organizations that failed to submit a revised charter to Macalester College Student Government by Feb. 18. Of the 93 student organizations, the charters of 42 have been passed, meaning 51 were frozen.
“A lot of accounts belong to organizations we think don’t exist anymore,” Ashley Neil ’07, SSC chair, said.
According to Neil, the SSC had issues with fees coming in that couldn’t be properly traced. “This will help with paperwork and make sure accounts aren’t being miss-used,” Neil said.
Student organizations were informed last December of the charter revision process. When a charter revision is submitted, the SSC first reviews it and gives feedback; the Legislative Body (LB) then conducts the final vote.
Accounts will be frozen if the organization’s charter hasn’t been approved, even if a first draft was submitted, according to Neil. “But hopefully as we get second drafts in next week, we’ll be able to un-freeze accounts,” she said.

If a current student organization’s charter is not approved by the end of March, the account will be closed. The organization would then be required to enter the process of petitioning to start a new organization. They would not be able to submit a budget request for a year. Student organizations that had not submitted a revised charter to the SSC as of Wed, Feb. 28 include WMCN (Macalester’s student radio), Amnesty International, Banshee, Queer Union, S!P!A!R!K! and the Trads.

Examples of organizations that no longer exist but remain listed as active accounts include Spotlight and E-FUNK!. Their accounts will be closed at the end of the month and any funds will be returned to the MCSG’s general fund.