Student Affairs seeks new staffers

By Sophie Vogt

The search is on for two new staff members to fill the newly created positions of Director of Campus Life and Associate Director of Campus Programs. Hiring for these positions will conclude a three-year restructuring of the Department of Student Affairs.

The Director of Campus Life will oversee Residential Life and Campus Programs. The new director will also take over for Associate Dean of Students, Jim Hoppe, as the college’s main conduct officer.
“I think it should only improve the services, hopefully less red tape, because we’ll have one person overseeing both of those areas,” said Hoppe.

The Associate Director of Campus Programs will work closely with student organizations.

Recruiting for these positions began in December and Hoppe said he expects a large pool of applicants. Search committees for each position will make recommendations of top applicants who will be invited to visit campus in late April for an interview.
While visiting campus, each candidate will participate in an open forum with students. Hoppe would like to encourage all interested students to attend these forums, as they are a crucial part of the decision-making process.

“When I did job interviews in the past, that was always one of the most helpful parts, because you get to see what life is like on campus, and you get to see what students expect,” he said.

Last year Macalester chose to restructure Student Affairs in order to eliminate some bureaucratic inefficiencies in the former structure, build community and free-up staff to work more closely with students, Hoppe said.

“It’s not to make one big department of generalists who do everything, but we hope there can be some stronger connections and collaborations between these departments,” Hoppe said. “We spend a lot of time doing programs—organizations do programs, RAs do programs—and there’s only so many of you to go around.”

Other changes in the restructuring have included the “upgrade” of positions in Health Services and Facilities Management and last spring’s hiring of Peg Olsen, Associate Director of Residential Life, and Irene Kao, Assistant Dean of Students.