State Legislator Urges Yes Vote on MPIRG Referendum

By Erin Murphy

As a State Representative for the legislative district serving Macalester College I have had the opportunity to work with Macalester Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG). Time and again I have been impressed by not only the passion from its members, but their ability to work effectively to get things accomplished. On important issues at the Minnesota Legislature, Macalester MPIRG has been active at the State Capitol and in our communities, working with me to address real policy issues affecting our state. For example, Macalester MPIRG took notice when Governor Pawlenty vetoed General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC), a program that provides basic care to Minnesota’s poorest and sickest. They helped organize and rally support for our efforts to restore GAMC. Their time and energy helped us successfully save GAMC and preserve health care for 85,000 Minnesotans who depend on the program.

The heart and soul of every victory for social justice, equality and democracy comes from citizen engagement and activism. This has been the guiding force behind the Macalester MPIRG since 1974 and I hope that tradition will continue. I encourage you to vote yes on the MPIRG referendum this year and to be part of our active journey to make Minnesota and our world a better a place.

Erin Murphy serves as the State Representative for District 64A and can be reached at [email protected].