Staff Editorial: A semester in review

By Mac Weekly Staff

It’s our last issue of a semester full of big news. Here are some reflections on what went down. Debate on Discontinuing Russian: Macalester is mulling over eliminating a department for the first time in years. It was heartening to see a vibrant public discussion involving students and faculty on the role of a discipline in the liberal arts. This will come to some sort of resolution next semester, and we hope the discussion continues. Occupy: Students joined in the worldwide protest movement and took to the streets. It’s exciting to see Macalester get plugged in and “break the bubble,” and covering this in all its facets lead to some of our most interesting sories in a while. Rollover and ice rink: Just when you thought it was safe. The Rollover controversy, which has been our constant companion across two semesters, seems to be no closer to a final resolution. We’ll keep you posted. Bookstore: Getting an exclusive with a Saint Paul legend was one of our high points this semester. The Mac Weekly: where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and all the Wednesday night sleeps are below average. BriRo’s compensation: We anticipate that this might be the story students remember from our news coverage this year. We hope this is the beginning of a wide-ranging discussion about the role of compensation at Macalester. Thanks for a great year, Mac.