Staff Editorial

By Tom Poulos

Café Mac has made a change this semester and, if you own a laptop, I bet you already know to what we are referring. Students are no longer allowed to take small purses or backpacks with laptops into the cafeteria. For those of you worried that your expensive laptop will be stolen, do not fear! You are allowed to leave it out on the table in plain sight with cups full of liquid. The Mac Weekly assumes that this new policy is to curb food theft. We wonder if it is really food theft if students (or their parents) have paid for the meal plan. If students sign up for the meal plan with 19 swipes a week but miss a meal or two for one reason or another, they are not reimbursed. Nor are they given auxiliary points. We also doubt that every student eats nine dollars worth of food every meal. Sure, you can sign up for a bag lunch, but who can plan sleeping in or an impromptu meeting with a professor? Café Mac allows you to take a piece of fruit or a desert when you leave, but do not try to take out a sandwich or anything else substantial.

One staff member recently witnessed an angry Café Mac employee admonish a student putting a sandwich in her backpack. She informed the student that she would need to confiscate the contraband sandwich and throw it away. We understand that rule violators must be punished, but this seems to defy logic.

This is not to say that Café Mac does not do a wonderful job. The staff clearly works hard and takes student suggestions (thank you for bringing back cheesy eggs!). As far as colleges go, our food is delicious and varied. That’s exactly why we want to take it home with us.