Staff Editorial

By The Mac Weekly

It is no secret that Macalester College is a left leaning institution. While many of us find ourselves comfortable in familiar company, it is unfortunate that a college consistently put on top of “politically active” lists is so homogenous.
You may recall that the Mac Weekly called on our conservative students to participate in campus political discussions and the number of submissions to our own opinions section thrilled us. Similarly, the Mac Weekly is excited by the prospect of the resurgence of the GOP club on campus. We hope not for lively political clashes so much as productive political discussions (ideally discussions during which some participants actually change their minds).
In a country that finds itself paralyzed by a polarized political climate, Macalester students must graduate with the ability to respectfully discuss politics. It is not enough to have well formed opinions, we must learn to articulate our beliefs if we are to persuade others or reach a compromise. We hope to see some joint events between the Mac Dems and the Mac GOP and a number of other clubs with complementary, even opposing, mission statements.