Staff ed.: Thumbs up, thumbs down


Thumbs Up Macalester College Women’s and Men’s soccer teams for making it to their respective national tournaments.Thumbs Up for Bodacious for their performance in Campus Center last weekend at Dreams & Nightmares

Thumbs Up Cabaret for putting together a great show that depressed your a good way.

Thumbs Up Minnesota weather, you’ve been good to us.

Thumbs Down to global warming.

Thumbs Up grounds crew for the secular winter holiday celebration lights.

Thumbs Up Mac Bike, you’ve already filled up your new space with lots of bike materials to service the Macalester community’s bike needs.

Thumbs Down St. Paul attempted abductors. Six attempted abductions in two weeks according to the Star Tribune. Ladies, stay safe; some of the incidents have been within blocks of Macalester.

Thumbs Up to the student’s who have written to the opinion section or taken stories for other stories. This paper wouldn’t happen without you. And to those of you who have thought about writing but haven’t, do it now!

The opinions expressed above are those of The Mac Weekly, as determined by the staff. The perspectives are not representative of Macalester College.