Staff Ed


Thumbs Up for student attendance at the International Roundtable. Despite the beautiful weather, this year’s round table attendance was so high that students were forced to sit on the floor. Students were not passive listeners but challenged the speakers with thoughtful questions. So thumbs up Macalester students for upholding our reputation as a global institution. Another thumbs up for Macalester’s own Professor Van Geldern’s speech. Macalester professors are not represented often and you made us proud.Thumbs WAY Up Minnesota weather. Last year at the time St Paul had already experienced a blizzard but this year the leaves are beautiful and it is warm enough to people watch outside of the CC. Midterms don’t seem half as bad when we can study outside.

Thumbs Up men’s soccer team for their outstanding record of 10-2-1 and their conference record of 4-1, in which 3 of the 4 wins were shut outs. We hope to see them take conference again this year!

Thumbs Down St. Paul cops for breaking up Macalester parties. Don’t they realize we’re probably talking about the International Roundtable or hegemony or something?

Thumbs Way Down St. Paul cops for cruising around to find Macalester parties. If the neighbors complain, sure, take control. We don’t even fault you for asking for IDs. But please, cut us a little’s midterm time.

Thumbs Up for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and all other non-hetero Macalester students. You are beautiful and we support you during coming out week!

Thumbs WAY WAY Down Macalester community for abysmal opinions submissions. We listen to you in the dining hall and in the library, and we know you have opinions. So, please, take a few moments and tell the Macalester community what you think.