Spring Dance concert is worth seeing twice

By Jamie Macpherson

In the frenzy that is the end of spring semester, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the events scheduled for this last weekend before finals. But if there’s one event that’s a must appearance, it’s the Macalester spring dance concert. The dance concert is titled “Double Take,” features the work of twelve choreographers, the majority of whom are seniors.

“I think what’s so great about this semester’s dance concert is that seeing one piece is not going to be a reflection of the whole because it’s so diverse,” choreographer Faith Kwon ’10 commented. “Each component and each piece of the show brings something very unique to it.”

From mischievous dolls in a toy shop after hours (choreographed by Alex Barnard), to a lyrical piece examining femininity inspired by Emily Dickenson’s poetry, (choreographed by Kelsey Shanesy ’10), “Double Take” covers a lot of ground.

“In a weird way, there’s a cohesiveness about the concert,” Kwon said. “The show takes you through an experience as opposed to a series of vomits.”

“Double Take” emphasizes the need to reconsider the world. As is stated in their press release, the show asks, “what happens when you take a second look? What complexities lie beneath the surface?” This is explored in a variety of ways: Stephanie Stoumbelis ’10 looks at themes of intimacy, illusion and exposure in a piece where the lighting is controlled entirely by her dancers, while Anniki Witter ’11 celebrates the strength and style of women as they “display their plumage” during a night out. Both the Bodacious and Scoil Rince teams also contribute pieces.

In addition, the show highlights an original piece by Diavolo Dance Theater, “Anatomy of Solitude.” The piece is a spectacle, with a plethora or dancers moving and leaping through boxes designed and made by St. Thomas engineering students.

If nothing else, the show is noteworthy because of the sheer number of participants. With 67 dancers, “Double Take” promises to be a spectacle worth seeing.