Space allocations in Kagin decided

By Alex Park

After the opening of the new Institute for Global Citizenship building next semester, a handful of office spaces will be emptied on the first floor of Kagin, but all of them have already been assigned to other college offices, Dean of Students Laurie Hamre said. Currently, Kagin is home to several offices, including the Civic Engagement Center (CEC), the Career Development Center (CDC), the Department of Multicultural Life (DML)?and the Macalester Academic Excellence Center (MAX).

Of these, only the CEC will move to the IGC building at the end of the year.

The space freed by its absence in Kagin will be assigned to the MAX Center, which will move from its current location in the southwest corner of Kagin to the southeast corner, where the CEC is currently located. A new lounge area, similar to the one found outside the DML, may also be added to the MAX Center’s new location.

According to Hamre, the relocation of the MAX Center will constitute “the only major shift” among offices currently within the building.

The current location of the MAX Center will then be divided into offices for administrating the Mellon Grant, a task assigned to Aaron Colhapp, director of the International Students Program, and Susanne Hansen, Sustainability Manager.

Apart from Colhapp, the entire staff of the International Center will be relocated to the IGC building.

Currently, the International Center, which oversees Macalester’s entire study abroad program, is located in a three-story house on the corner of Snelling and Summit avenues. What will be done with that building or the lot adjacent to it has not been decided as of press time.

The IGC building is scheduled for completion in Feb. 2008, before the end of the academic year and about a month ahead of schedule.