Shear Lock Combs — no mystery, just cool hair

By Sarah Krumholz

Is your hair too long, your bangs grown out, or just bored of what you have going on up there? Try a cheap, easy solution that will not only leave you feeling stylish and cool, but charitable as well. The quick fix is courtesy of a new hair cutting business that has opened called Shear Lock Combs.

Shear Lock Combs is run by freshmen Hanna Backman and Sarah Horowitz. The idea came about after Horowitz gave a few people on her floor haircuts last semester and received lots of positive feedback. People suggested she start a business and the rest sparked from there. After speaking with Backman, the two decided to join forces. However, neither wanted to cut hair for money so they decided to charge a moderate price and donate the proceeds to charity.

Horowitz started cutting her own hair three years ago, and after editing her salon cuts for sometime, she decided she would altogether just cut her own hair. Horowitz was home schooled, and used her sister as her first “haircutting victim.” She has given her friends haircuts as well and has experience in making dreads.

Shear Lock Combs does everything from trims to more elaborate creations, short, long, straight and curly hair. They don’t have any experience with cutting afros though, so if there are any people out there who can-or who can cut hair in general-and are willing to join their crew please contact them. They are also currently looking for an organization to donate their proceeds to. If anyone has an idea for a local organization geared toward helping and empowering underprivileged women please contact them.

Shear Lock Combs cuts hair every Sunday in the Turck 4 Lounge. Cuts are $5 by appointment. Appointments can be made in person, or by facebook, messaging or email ([email protected], [email protected]).