Senior wins Jeopardy

By Zac Farber

Macalester students and alumni have gained fame and renown across the world: some notable ones have included a United Nations Secretary-General, a Vice President of the United States, the founder of Reader’s Digest, and now, a Jeopardy champion. On last Wednesday’s episode of the long-running trivia game show, Samantha Ross ’07 guessed correctly in the Final Jeopardy Round, winning $14,000 and the chance to compete again on Thursday and win more as returning champion. On Wednesday night, Ross started off slowly and lost $3,000 on a Daily Double gamble. After Double Jeopardy she trailed her two competitors by more than $13,000. But her fortunes turned in the Final Jeopardy Round. She was the only contestant who correctly identified the literary figure, born in 1854, whose Irish ancestry was hinted at by the mention of Bono and Liam Neeson. While her competitors guessed incorrectly, Ross wagered everything she had won – $7,000 – on Oscar Wilde, at once entering Jeopardy championship and Macalester history.