Senior Studio Art Major Profile: Taylor Tinkham

By Anna Van voorhis

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota Nickname: Tink Secret Talent: She’s fluent in American Sign Language Why you might know her: She’s part of the Macalester Volleyball team; she is the co-chair of Mac Yarn; along with being an Art Major, she’s also an education studies major; she teaches hula hooping here at Mac. Why you ought to know her: After both being recruited by the Mac volleyball team, and deciding to stay in the Twin Cities in order to stay close to family, Taylor chose to apply early decision to Mac. Although there had been little room for art electives in high school, due to the fact that she was enrolled in an IB program, she was the award-winning design editor for her school newspaper. The only studio class she took in high school was a wheel throwing ceramics class, which ironically, seeing as ceramics is now one of her favorite mediums, she hated. Unlike the majority of Studio Art Majors, Taylor did not start out her Art Department experience in 3D-Design. Rather, she was first introduced to the department through Drawing 1, where she met co-Art Majors Andrew Flynn and Mike Fausz. When she got to Macalester, Taylor knew she wanted to major in Art, but wanted to double major in something else as well. She first thought about Media and Cultural Studies as a second major, seeing as it would complement her interest in design and advertising, but after a class that didn’t particularly jibe with her, she decided to look somewhere else. She didn’t have to look for very long; it was a class with Tina Kruz that made her decide to double major instead in Educational Studies. Taylor is also an avid knitter, representing her knitting skills as co-chair of Mac Yarn. And the pieces she has created for her senior show have come out of this passion for kitting, and yarn work in general, she has created a range of pieces, from yarn paintings to woven shapes. She chose to work with yarn not only because it is a familiar material, but also because she is drawn to its meditative nature. “I really get into a rhythm and can let my mind wander if I need to.” For more details on the pieces that she has in the senior show, you may just have to attend the Senior Art Show. Shortly after graduation Taylor is taking the opportunity to move to Michigan. Eventually she thinks that she very well might go back to school, probably for design. Ideally she would like to be either the owner of a bakery or a designer for recipe books. Whichever job she ends up getting though, it sounds like it’ll be sweet.