Senior Studio Art Major Profile: Larsen Husby

By Anna Van Voorhis

Hometown: Lexington, Massachusetts Nickname: Zeybe, the name comes from an article published in a local paper on Larsen, where his name was misprinted to read, “Zeybe Larson Huslog” Favorite Café Mac Food: Waffle Fries Why you might know him: On top of being an Art major, he is also a linguistics minor; he is both a co-chair of Art Alliance and of Thistle; and he can also often be spotted walking around backwards, talking to crowds of kids nobody else recognizes. Why you ought to know him: Besides from being one of the best-dressed people on campus (he was featured last semester in a Mac Weekly Style Profile), Larsen Husby is a very talented artist, just take a look at the surrounding photos. Like so many other art majors, he took 3D Design as his First Year Course, through which he became mesmerized with the Art Department. This course, though providing him with “a very practical” grounding in power tools and woodworking, was by no means his first foray into art. Since his mother was a painter, he had had lots of earlier exposure to art. And though his school was not particularly “arts heavy” he forged for art classes in the greater world, taking drawing classes outside of school, some even at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It is not just his interest in art that he carried with him to Mac, but also, more specifically, his interest in maps that he has transported here. As a kid he says he loved the “nerdy activity” of tracing maps out of books and then coloring them in to decorate his room. This affinity with maps is easily viewed if one meanders through the Art Department (look specifically in the connector hallway) and will be viewable in the future, in his capstone exhibit. Also, like most Macalester students, Zeybe Larson Huslog, studied abroad during his junior year. He spent his semester in Pont-aven, France at the School of Contemporary Art. A study abroad program which, along with giving its students their own (relatively large) space to work in, also exposes them to a wide range of studio classes. While there, Huslog took an Art History class and three studios, ranging from painting (ironically his first class in the medium) to alternative photographic and print processes to installation art. Although not sure where his own personal map will lead him, he is planning on staying in the gridded area of Saint Paul for at least another year after graduation, while hopefully finding employment. Going back to school is a definite possibility, and Larsen is even thinking about professorship (in art) as a potential career path. But as for right now, he says, “I just want to keep producing art.”