Senior Studio Art Major Profile: Julia Dahle

By Anna Van Voorhis

Hometown: South Minneapolis, Minnesota Nickname: Juju Favorite Vegetable: Cooked Broccoli Why you might know her: She is known to go recreational paintballing with friends, but you might also have seen her in the Classics or Asian Studies departments, both declared minors of hers. Why you ought to know her: Throughout high school Julia took an art class every semester; all of them, with the exception of ceramics, were 2D oriented. Ironically since she has gotten to Macalester, she has moved substantially in the sculptural/3D direction. This may be due in part to her First Year Course, 3D design. This change is evident in the piece she created for her senior show: a fibers work involving fabric and metal. This piece will be featured in the Senior Art Show. During her time at Macalester, in order to enhance her Asian Studies Minor, Julia went abroad to South Korea, the country from which she was adopted. Although she didn’t go with her artistic passions in mind, she had a “really great time,” and is thinking about going back to teach sometime after graduation. Besides plans to go back to South Korea, Julia is certain that she will take time off before going back to school for an MFA. She plans on making sure that art is a part of her future, saying, “I need a field where that type of creative outlet exists.” One potential job might be creating displays for aquariums; “I went to the Chicago aquarium over break and I saw the displays for the tanks and thought, I would love to work in display design.” Though she might not be sure what she’ll do, as long as it involves art it’ll go swimmingly. refresh –>